SOEN343 Tutorials

Problems With Eclipse And JUnit Setup

"Test Case Cannot Be Resolved To A Type"

Unbound Classpath Container And Bad Version Number In Class File

AssertionFailedEror: Class has no public constructor

Unit Testing Basics

Writing Unit Tests With JUnit

Writing Quality Unit Tests

What To Test

Properties Of Good Unit Tests

Unit Testing And Regression Testing

Updating The XHtml Sanitizer

Debugging With Eclipse

Developing a Rock Paper Scissors Game With TDD

Getting Started On Rock Paper Scissors

Now With Refactoring

Assignment #1 Preparation

The Domain Layer

Java Swing and Test Driven Development

Assignment #2 Preparation

Some Retrospective on Assignment 1

The Command Pattern

More On The Command Pattern

The Technical Services Layer

Java and Databases 101

Implementing the Row Data Gateway Pattern

Implementing the Active Record Pattern

Implementing the Data Mapper Pattern

Implementing the Table Data Gateway Pattern