SOEN287: Introduction to Web Applications (fall 2009)

SOEN 287: Introduction to Web Applications
(fall 2009)

Internet architecture and protocols. Web applications through clients and servers. Markup languages. Client-side programming using scripting languages. Static website contents and dynamic page generation through server-side programming. Preserving state (client-side) in Web applications. Using query languages to access server-side data.

Tutorial Sections

Section Time Tutor
QA Tuesdays, 10:15 – 11:55 Eric Chan
QB Thursdays, 18:15 – 19:55 Richard Le Guen

The Project; Part 1

You must submit a partially completed version of your project on Nov 20th worth 25% of your project grade.

The Web Server

Eric Chan has prepared us a mini http server to use since we are not allowed to use
Download it here.

To run it, first @chmod it on the Linux command line:

chmod 755 thttpd

… then cd (change directory) to the folder you downloaded it to, and execute with the following:

./thttpd -d /www$HOME

Open your favorite web browser (FIREFOX) and hit up http://localhost:8080/ to visit files and CGI scripts in your ENCS web space!

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