SSH using putty

SSH is a network protocol that allows data to be exchanged using a secure channel between two networked devices. Or, to put it more practically, it will allow you to access the command line on a remote Linux machine. So, for example, if you want to work on your Perl assignment from home, but don’t have Perl or Linux, and don’t know how to install them, just SSH in using Putty.

(Another client you could use is SSH Secure Shell Client. For a tutorial on how to use it, click here)

Putty /images/soen229/putty.JPG

When you’re using an ENCS machine in Windows, open the Run Dialog (Start->Run… or you could hold down the Windows key and ‘r‘) and type in ‘putty‘. You should get a window like the one you see to the right.

You should see a field named ‘Host Name’ near the top. In it, enter ‘’. Alamanni is one of ENCS’s public acces hosts; servers the department provides for SSH access. For a full list of available public access hosts, consult this list.

Provide your user name and password, and you’re good to go!