SOEN229: System Software

SOEN 229: System Software

Hardware-software interface, system kernel, system services, system evolution. Assemblers, compilers, linkers, and loaders. System component interfaces. User-level view of operating systems. Lectures: three hours per week.

Links and References

The following resources may prove useful while learning Perl programming:

  • The original slides from which I learned Perl, as presented by Professor JW Atwood.
  • More of those same slides
  • I have found that The Perl cookbook is very useful in the past, though it can be advanced.
  • Its not a link, but I highly recommend the ‘Little Book of Perl’ (pictured on the right) although it seems to have become a little pricey since I first bought it. If you continue programming with Perl, though, it makes an excellent reference.
  • Click here to go to the course web site.