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Flip This Website: The Montreal Impact (part 4)

As a favor for some consultants who are working on a marketing proposal for the Montreal Impact’s upcoming move to Major League Soccer, I have been working on a revamped version of the Montreal Impact website they’re going to pitch. For the sake of posterity, here is a screen shot of what the web site looks like now:

Screenshot of the Montreal Impact web site at the time this was written
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So… what’s wrong with this web site? I’m going to spend a few days over the next week sharing some of my observations.

Observation #4: No Search Functionality and Poor Navigation

What web sites doesn’t bother with any search functionality? You can set up Google Custom Search in less than five minutes.

I mean, the Impact web site is a good 30+ pages… some of them poorly named:

A screenshot of the Montreal Impact global navigation link to an Agenda

What is the agenda? How does it differ from the Complete Schedule? More importantly, what end users come to the Impact web site thinking "Oh I’ll just check the agenda!"

… and then once you’re in one of those site’s available from the "Calendar" navigation menu, you can’t access the "Calendar" navigation menu. So, if you really meant to go to "Agenda" when you went to "Complete Schedule" then you’ll probably spend a few confused moments wondering how to get there.

So while most web sites should definitely have a search box, web sites whose navigation might make little sense need them even more.